Lafayette Prime Rib

Coming soon! Bad Love 2017
We are in search of the baddest, most overwrought pop love song ever written.
And we want you to sing it.
On Valentines Day.
With a live band.

How it works

Got a song in mind? Tell the band, so they can be sure to have it
ready.  Send your song name and your contact info to, and we’ll get back to you with more information
(plus, let you know if someone else has already chosen your song).
Then get yourself down to Laughing Monk on Valentines day, 7pm-9pm,
and lay that song on the room.

What happened last time?

“Sometimes When We Touch”
That’s what happened. Really.
We had to take a coupla years off after that one,
but we are now fully recovered.


For booking information, email us: booking at lprib dot com
location: San Francisco, CA